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Our Offices


HQ and Assembly Line

iGlass Technology, Inc.,

16600 Aston, Irvine, CA 92606.


+1 617 992 6296


Low volume Production Line

“Keko Equipment”

Grajski trg 15, 8360 Zuzemberk.


 +386 4127 8542


Main Manufacturing Line

Tööstuse 48A-406, 10416 Tallinn.


 +372 5688 2586


R&D Lab

630090,  Novosibirsk,

Academ-gorodok Upper Zone,

Nikolayeva st. 15.


 +7 965 820 3040

Our Board of Directors

iGlass Technology Board is an agile and energetic group providing stewardship and making strategic decisions for the Company.

Alexander Timofeev
Alexander TimofeevChairman of the Board of Directors
Nikita Kruglikov
Nikita KruglikovMember of the Board of Directors
Val Krivenko
Val KrivenkoMember of the Board of Directors
Alexey Bashkirov
Alexey BashkirovMember of the Board of Directors
Evgeny Vasiliev
Evgeny VasilievMember of the Board of Directors

Our Management

The founders and executives of iGlass Technology have a comprehensive combination of scientific, entrepreneurial, hi-tech business development and industry experience.

Boris Maslov
Boris MaslovCEO
President at Ener-Core, CEO at Flex Power Generation,
Ecron. CEO & previously Vice President & CTO at WaveCrest Labs
Vice President at FlexEnergy
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, PhD in Electrical Engineering.
Alexander Timofeev
Alexander TimofeevCOO, Co-Founder
Microbor-Nanotech, Founder and CEO
MTD, Founder and CEO
InvestCinemaProject, Founder and CEO
FPI Partners, Managing Partner
Institute of Physics and Technology, Latvian State University in Physics
Nikita Kruglikov
Nikita KruglikovCTO, Co-Founder
Dni Vision, Co-founder
UniSASsynthesis, Development Director and Co-founder
Novosibirsk State University, MS in Physical Chemistry
Maxim Khabur
Maxim KhaburCMO
Marketing Director, FPI Partners
Managing Director, Young & Rubicam Group
Managing Director, Added Value
Senior Marketing Manager, TNK-BP
Nickolay Kovshov
Nickolay KovshovCIO, Director of Smart Home Integration
sputnik.ru, wwpass.com, qwcap.com
Lead developer and head of R&D groups in a number of software start-ups involved in big data analytics. Holds PhD in applied math from MIPT
Valery Krivenko
Valery KrivenkoVice President of Investor Relations
Mr. Krivenko worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Company, ONEKSIM Group, Head of technology and investments at SIBUR.
Val graduated from London Business School, MBA; UCLA, and Moscow State University of International Relations.