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Dimmable Sunlight ControlTM digital layer for all installed windows is an easy upgrade to a Smart Window

We develop, manufacture, sell and service “digital blinds” – Tunable Sunlight ControlTM digital layer for any window, upgrading it to a Smart Window. The flexible transparent layer is applied on the inside surface of an existing window and it fully tints / untints within 2 minutes when an electric current is applied. It reduces heat, UV rays, and glare impacts, thereby helping your eyes and increasing your comfort. Our digital layer is wireless and IoT-enabled; this is the first ever affordable Smart Window solution for all installed windows. That’s right – no need for new windows!

We manufacture various customized solutions at our Irvine, California headquarters.

Our mission

iGlass Technology aspires to provide easy IQ upgrade to all transparent surfaces for better comfort and energy efficiency.

Our clients

We target residential home owners, as well as commercial and industrial building owners, managers and tenants.

Our next target is transportation – cars, buses, trains and sea vessels.

We have a patent pending for using electrochromic film on AR/VR goggles.

Easy installation

Wisp® digital blinds are easy to install but it is not a DIY product. Order processing, installation, and setup need to be done by our certified installers. It is easy as 1-2-3

  • You contact your local installer and get an initial free estimate.
  • 1st installer visit – precise measurements of your windows and order creation.
  • 2nd visit of the installer for Wisp® installation, connection, and user controls setup.