WISP FOR YOUR HOME 2017-09-19T20:21:04+00:00

“Wow, no wiring and powered by solar!  And I can retrofit Wisp to my existing windows and control with my iPhone!”

Homeowner, Marin County

Wisp® solution democratizes sunlight control. Wisp lets you play with sunshine.
Yes, really!

Wisp® is a flexible digital layer you apply to a window, to manage sunlight and privacy, a polymer layer that changes tinting in seconds, and software that learns your habits.

Controlled by voice or from a simple app on your smart device, Wisp® works as a stand-alone product but also seamlessly integrates with other Smart Home devices, such as Nest, Alexa Echo and Google Home.

Main benefits:

Easy to install on existing windows.

Comfortable glare-free environment.

Thermal comfort.

Health and well-being with more natural sunlight & access to window outside views.

Energy efficiency both from HVAC and electric lighting*.

Interior protection from fading.

Property market value increase.