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Let’s Roll-to-Roll!

Wisp® Tunable Sunlight ControlTM is a flexible, digital layer that changes the transparency of the window, in real-time. It is comprised of two transparent electrodes and an electrochromic composition between the two.

We use standard PET film to produce flat transparent electrodes, and cover the film with a special compound, which creates microscopic cracks on the surface when we dry it. Then we spray metal onto the surface to fill these cracks and wash off the excess metal. Voila – we get a flat, transparent, conductive electrode with 10-15 Ohm resistance and more than 88% transparency.

One key WISP know-how is the electrochromic composition, which we produce from about 10 different components, among which there are no rare, expensive or dangerous materials in production and storage. We mix them at a temperature below 100 degrees Celsius, and without applying high pressure.

The next step is to create a sandwich of two electrodes and the electrochromic composition in-between. We load rolls of transparent electrodes and a container with a composition into the machine—and the line output is film 150 microns thick. Now we are able to produce a film of unlimited length with a width of 12 inches.

The Power and Control Bar is connected to the digital layer and has a built-in solar panel and a communication module. With its flexible, interactive layer, Wisp® Sunlight ControlTM transforms existing ‘static’ windows into smart, dynamic windows.

We have 5 filed patents for different aspects and applications of our technology, with 1 already issued and 4 pending.

Wisp®-enabled windows each have a Power and Control Bar, which are connected to Hub and (optionally) to a Wall Switch via low power ZigBee protocol. Hub is the brain of the system allowing the user to operate Wisp® from an App on any Android or iOS device via Wi-Fi signal. Initial setup requires internet connection, while following daily use only needs to connect to the cloud for software updates or for next level integration set up.

Wisp® works as a stand-alone product, but it was built as part of a Smart Home and Building Automation System. It seamlessly integrates with other Smart Home devices through IFTT protocol (automated lighting, smart vents, smart thermostats, etc.) and can be voice-controlled by Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Wisp® original technology was created in our own laboratory in Novosibirsk, a notorious Russian scientific cluster and a University city. R&D work for next generation products and applications are still performed there today.

Laboratory developments were transferred onto industrial manufacturing environment with the help of our great partners. We have launched our first commercial scale production line with a lease agreement with Keko Equipment Ltd. Keko is one of the worldwide leaders in equipment design and manufacturing for multi-layer based polymer films and electronic components.

One step in the manufacturing process of Wisp® is performed at Fraunhofer in Germany – we perform metal sputtering there using Magnetron machine (metal deposition on transparent electrodes by thermic metal vaporing). Fraunhofer is a global application-oriented research organization, and it is Europe’s largest.