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Our first product is 

Just like dark glasses, Wisp-enabled windows stay perfectly clear even in the darkest tinted state. But unlike those glasses, you don’t need to take digital blinds off the window – you tune the tinting up and down with a switch in real time, the way you adjust the volume of the headphones! Moreover, you can choose to tint any part of the window, top or bottom. It is controlled by voice with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, or from an App for Android or iOS device.

Wisp® digital blinds use very little energy (1.5V) and work autonomously with a built-in solar panel.

Wisp® works as a stand-alone product and can seamlessly integrate into the smart home / building infrastructure.

 Power Bar

Wisp® Power and Control BarTM houses all the electronics, solar panel, battery, and the communication unit in a slim bar attached to the Wisp® digital layer and installed at the bottom or at the top of the window. It harvests solar energy to supply electric current to tint the digital layer. It connects to Wisp® Hub and Wall Switch via wireless ZigBee protocol.


Wisp® Hub is a small box with electronics and communication modules the size of a Wi-Fi router. It is powered by a regular 110V, controls all the Wisp®-enabled windows in a room via ZigBee protocol and is wirelessly connected to any Android or iOS device. Hub does not need the internet connection for the daily operation.

  Wall Switch


Wisp® Wall Switch is an elegant remote control for Wisp®-enabled windows. It is battery powered and can be easily installed in any convenient place in a room. Wall Switch can control one or many Wisp®-enabled windows simultaneously.