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Smart Windows Market

Active / Dynamic or Smart Glass enabled windows:

  • Protect people and internal space from excess solar, which causes heat and glare, create privacy when needed, make home cozier, an office – more productive, a car – more comfortable.
  • Generate up to 20% energy savings on air-conditioning and lighting; HVAC capex is also lower since less peak capacity is required.

Thanks to dynamically changing transparency of windows (amount of light across spectrum that can pass through glass), the level of light transmittance is fully controlled by a user.

Market potential for Active Smart Glass products in the US real estate segment alone is estimated at $23 B: blinds, marquees, curtains, permanent tinting (film, sputtering coating), etc.

However, $150-200 /m2 (~$15-20 /ft2) price level is needed to open mass market potential – together with retrofitting capability, i.e. the market needs a simple and affordable solution to upgrade existing billions of windows to Smart Windows.

EC 1.0 solutions are prohibitively expensive at $400-1600 /м2 price level and have serious limitations (like power wires and long switch time over 20 mins).

iGlass Technology Inc. merged 2 different technologies to create a first ever affordable, high quality and easy to use solution – Wisp®:

  • Electrochromic flexible polymer;
  • Transparent electrodes of a new type.

Wisp® is a proprietary technology; international patents pending.

Advantages of 

Wisp® has considerable advantages over all other Active/Dynamic Smart Glass technologies: 1.0 electrochromic, PDLC, SPD and their variations:

  • In price: Wisp offers the affordable price level that is required by the mass market, i.e. end-user prices of $150-200 /м2 (and lower with scale, e.g. for India or Africa);
  • In ubiquity of applications: Wisp® can retrofit any existing window, it is self-powered by solar and does not need any wiring; even with new construction excluded, Wisp® can become the default solution for all existing homes and cars;
  • In performance: a set of advantages, starting with absence of moiré in low transparency mode as PDLC has; fast switch time of MIN-MAX modes with less than 15 sec. vs. 20 minutes for current electrochromic solutions, full transparency in ‘OFF’ mode, i.e. high safety vs. SPD (opaque when off-power);

Pilot production line is leased in Europe as of Q2 2017, as well as the assembly facility in the US. Own manufacturing line opens in 2018 in Europe.

Market focus

Wisp® solution is applicable for windows, skylights, glass walls and partitions in buildings, vehicles and vessels. It makes internal space much more comfortable, functional, and yet energy efficient. This also allows to have a reasonable payback on investment period (4-5 years) for commercial buildings.

Product is sold through distributors, installers, and later – OEM partners. Smaller volumes will be sold directly to key accounts.

Initial focus: Residential and commercial buildings’ stock in California, US.

Wisp® Control Hub API is compatible with Smart Home / IoT industry standard protocols.


iGlass Technology is registered on EquityNet, where you can buy company shares directly if that is that is your preferred way of investment.